October 19, 2010

Last Summer's Wildflowers...

 One of my new found friends on Etsypreneur.com- "an uplifting and helpful community for Etsy Sellers" owns the Etsy shop: Redford Glass Studios and while I was browsing her shop I saw her location...the North Country of New York, namely the Adirondack Mountains! This happens to be not only one of my favorite places to go in New York, but also where I spent my summer vacation. What always amazes me is the millions of wildflowers growing along the roadsides, trails and river banks. We have lots of flowers here in Florida, but something about going north and seeing the abundant buttercups, tigerlilies, dandelions and daisies is a different kind of paradise for me...

Featured items from Redford Glass Studio:

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Photographs! The North Country is a beautiful place to visit and live in every season. The mountains are breathtaking this time of year. Thanks for blogging about my studio!



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