November 1, 2010

Stalking the Real Florida

It's easy to find the tourist version of Florida, just follow the billboards! But to find the "Real" Florida, you'll have to dig deeper: Into the backwaters, the hardwood hammocks, cypress swamps and meandering spring-fed rivers. You'll need to trek along the Heartland ridge, through scrub oak forests and under the vast shade of age old oaks. And walk the crystal clear, sand-bottomed, shallow creeks along pristine banks of palmettos and ferns.

Yes, the beaches are lovely, and theme parks are fun. But the hidden treasures of Florida, the pioneer's version of the "Sunshine State" is what challenges the imagination and captures the poetry of a photographer's lens.

Take a walk on the "wild" side...


  1. Love the photos, as always. What the heck kind of camera do you have? ;) I soooo need a new one...

  2. Just a basic point and shoot Canon Powershot SX100, I've had it for a couple years and really love it. I never leave home without her! I want a new one too, Wishing for a Rebel!!



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